Technology-Driven Solutions to Keep Assets On-Line and Operational

Founded in 1981

The Colt Group is the On-Line Leak Repair and Mechanical Solutions Authority.

We specialize in providing innovative approaches to solve the most difficult challenges quickly, safely, and effectively. Our goal is to eliminate any downtime or lost product; sealing leaks on-line, onsite, and under pressure to keep critical assets running and to provide permanent repairs via mechanical solutions.


ABOUT the colt group

Safety is
at the CORE

At the Colt Group, our safety culture isn’t just a mandate we feel we must follow, but something each of us takes responsibility for as we genuinely value keeping ourselves, our customers and the community free from harm.

Comprehensive Repair and Prevention Solutions
to Enhance an Asset’s Lifecycle

Colt Group employees enjoying their careers

A company is only as good as its people, and we have the best.

Our success is driven by our talented team and their commitment to safe practices, operational excellence, quality stewardship, and continual innovation. We invest in people to foster and empower an exceedingly competent workforce focused on providing the highest level of service in the industry.