Colt is the largest privately owned leak-repair and mechanical services company in the U.S. Our 40+ years of industry experience enables us to provide customized solutions that address specific needs.

Our legacy began as a consulting company teaching operators how to perform on-line leak repair. As the needs of the industry grew, the business quickly transitioned into a service company as customers recognized the value of having experts perform the work themselves. Over time with advancements in technology, processes, and procedures, as well as expansion in service and geography, we earned the reputation of the trusted authority in leak repair and mechanical solutions.

Today, we provide superior engineering, design, manufacturing, fabrication, and mechanical services to keep customers on-line and productive. Our goal is to keep equipment functioning optimally, prolonging its lifespan and maximizing your investment.


  • Commit to an incident-free workplace
  • Protect the people, environment, and communities where we operate
  • Empower our team with the knowledge and authority to stop unsafe work


  • Be the fastest and the best
  • Be readily available 24/7
  • Communicate openly, effectively, and actively


  • Share institutional knowledge
  • Invest to drive innovation
  • Empower an expert workforce through continual training and mentorship


  • Put the customer first
  • Be dependable
  • Deliver quality solutions that work
  • Do it right the first time

Custom Repair Solution for Highly Corroded, Oddly Shaped Fuel Gas Line

A refinery needed a highly corroded line repaired with a full enclosure. The line’s odd geometry with multiple landing points required highly precise measurements. The solution was an interlocking enclosure design that involved combining two CNC enclosures and one welded enclosure together. 

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Emergency Leak Repair Solution Designed, Fabricated and Installed in Under 8 Hours

A petrochemical facility was in the middle of start up when a leak occurred on their 1000psi steam system. Colt’s large stock inventory and strategically scheduled machinists enabled the flange clamp repair to be completed within 24 hours of calculation approval.

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