Colt specializes in providing innovative approaches to solve the most difficult asset integrity challenges safely, quickly, and effectively. Our 40+ years of market-leading experience builds upon the latest technology to bring innovation and unparalleled expertise to every step of a project.

We make the time to do it right the first time – taking pride in the quality of everything we do. Our fully integrated engineering, design, manufacturing, fabrication, on-site leak repair and mechanical solutions are implemented by the most knowledgeable authorities in the industry to keep customers’ safety critical equipment on-line and in service.

Expert-Level Solutions Delivered by Industry Specialists

At Colt, we continually work to grow our position as the specialty mechanical solutions authority, investing in our people, training, safety, quality systems and innovation to create a sustainable, safe, and industry-leading organization. We hire skilled and committed individuals with a drive to focus on delivering the highest quality solution and best value to customers.

Our training programs ensure the development of the best technicians and support team in the industry. We work together, collaborating with our customers, to efficiently deliver quality, custom leak sealing, leak repair and mechanical solutions, when time matters most.

a Colt Group employee working on specialty mechanical solutions


Just as we invest in training and growing our knowledge base, we also strategically invest in the utilization of new and innovative technologies. This investment in emerging technologies drives operational excellence by enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. Adopting and integrating emerging technologies:

  • Streamlines repetitive tasks
  • Improves accuracy
  • Increases production speed
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Improves quality control
  • Enables real-time data collection, analysis, and control
  • Optimizes asset management, predictive  maintenance, supply chain management, and  overall operational decision-making
  • Promotes remote collaboration

Custom Repair Solution for Highly Corroded, Oddly Shaped Fuel Gas Line

A refinery needed a highly corroded line repaired with a full enclosure. The line’s odd geometry with multiple landing points required highly precise measurements. The solution was an interlocking enclosure design that involved combining two CNC enclosures and one welded enclosure together. 

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Emergency Leak Repair Solution Designed, Fabricated and Installed in Under 8 Hours

A petrochemical facility was in the middle of start up when a leak occurred on their 1000psi steam system. Colt’s large stock inventory and strategically scheduled machinists enabled the flange clamp repair to be completed within 24 hours of calculation approval.

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