Flanges / Exchangers


Leaks in flanged connections and exchangers can lead to inefficiencies, safety risks, and costly downtime.  At Colt, we recognize the importance of addressing leaking flanges and exchangers promptly and effectively to mitigate these risks.

Flanged connections have three main components: a ring, a gasket, and bolts to hold the flange together and secure it to the exchanger. Each of these components is susceptible to corrosion and deterioration due to the materials and harsh climates they are continuously exposed to. Colt offers a range of leak repair solutions tailored specifically for these critical components.

flanged connection repair


Colt’s flange clamps consist of split fittings mechanically joined together to seal off or reinforce a component. There are essentially two types of flange clamps when it comes to leak repair:

  • Tongue-styled flange clamps for placing material equal to the width of the gap between the two flanges to create a seal
  • Outer-diameter flange clamps to seal off the outer diameter of each flange

Our team injects a compatible sealant into the area between the clamp and the gasket, once the clamp is installed.

When the flange bolting needs to be replaced due to being compromised, Colt determines the best method to ensure this stud change-out is performed safely, utilizing either Injection washers or cap nuts to assist in the injection of the flange.


When flanges are completely compromised due to corrosion, cracking, or stress fractures, our Colt Engineering can design an enclosure to seal off on the pipe on each side of the flanged connection. Our enclosure systems are designed to encapsulate the leaking valve and prevent further leakage. They are customized to fit the specific dimensions and shape of the valve, ensuring effective containment.


If it is determined the flanged connection is no longer safe to operate with the existing or added pressures, Colt Engineering can design and install a strongbacking to hold the flange together, should a separation ever occur.

For a cost alternative repair method when deemed appropriate according to the repair specification, Colt also performs wire wrapping for leaking gaskets on under-pressure bolted flanged connections. Our wire wrap technique creates a barrier to hold a sealing compound that fills the volume of the gap above the flange bolts. The compound is injected online through stud bores to create a new seal, in turn stopping the leak.


Colt Group Leak Repair Cut Sheet

Leak Repair Cut Sheet