Tank leaks can lead to environmental hazards, safety risks, and costly production disruptions. Colt’s expertise and advanced techniques ensure efficient repairs that minimize downtime and maximize the lifespan of your tanks.

Our experts utilize advanced leak detection technologies to accurately identify the source and extent of the leak. Through thorough assessment, we provide precise solutions tailored to the specific characteristics of your tank, ensuring effective repair and long-term performance.

Composite Tank Wrap
Tank wrap composite repair


Colt’s composite tank wrap repair techniques restore the damaged tank’s pressure containing capability. Our team selects an engineered product suitable to the line and equipment conditions to repair.

The tanks wrap shares the hoop load carried by the pipe or tank wall. It’s high-compressive strength material fills the external defect to its original wall thickness, preventing leaks from the compromised structure. Our team utilizes stop gaps, patches, and jiffy clamps to eliminate leaks to allow for a composite tank wrap. We value engineer repair plans to minimize cost and maximize strength only where needed.


For tanks that are leaking, and a composite tank wrap is not feasible, our Colt engineering team designs “patch” enclosures that contours to the diameter of the tank and seals off the leak. These enclosures usually tie into the structuring supports of the tank or have large straps to hold the enclosure in place. API has approved Carbon Fiber repairs as an alternative to welded patches on storage tanks.


Colt Group Leak Repair Cut Sheet

Leak Repair Cut Sheet