Petrochemical Industry Solutions


System leaks are common throughout high-pressure piping, valves and other critical refinery components due to corrosion and other environmental exposure elements. According to data from reports published by the US Department of Energy’s Energy Assurance Daily, 92% of maintenance-related shutdowns were unplanned, with the majority due to leaks.

Colt’s solutions involve deploying innovative technologies, specialized tools, and repair methods that can isolate a leaking section, provide temporary sealing while allowing the rest of the system to continue functioning, and deploy a permeant fix for the problem. Our team’s in-depth understanding of refining processes enables us to conduct complex repairs, maintenance, and optimization tasks, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of safety critical equipment.


Clamps and enclosures are effective tools for quickly containing leaks in pipes, valves, or other equipment within a refinery. By securing and sealing the leaking area, they prevent the escape of hazardous materials, minimizing the risks of fire, explosions, or environmental contamination. This helps ensure the safety of personnel and surrounding areas. Colt’s patented interlocking pressure seal enclosures are stocked nationwide, enabling Colt to quickly build custom clamps with stock inventory. Fully engineered solutions for oil refinery repairs can also be accomplished in an expedited manner via our nationwide machining locations.


Chemical injection involves the application of sealants or chemical compounds to seal leaks. Chemical injection is commonly used for sealing smaller leaks in refinery equipment such as in valves or fittings. Colt’s long-time experience in the industry ensures our technicians’ expertise in determining the appropriate chemical for the intended purpose and its compatibility with the valve or fittings materials and process fluid.


Just as we invest in training and growing our knowledge base, we also strategically invest in the utilization of new and innovative technologies to solve system leaks. This investment in emerging technologies drives operational excellence by enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. Adopting and integrating emerging technologies:

  • Streamlines repetitive tasks
  • Improves accuracy
  • Increases production speed
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Improves quality control
  • Enables real-time data collection, analysis, and control
  • Optimizes asset management, predictive maintenance, supply chain management, and overall operational decision-making
  • Promotes remote collaboration